Professional Brokers Real Estate is here to help you not only sell your property for the highest price, but also in the shortest time and with as few unpleasant surprises as possible. Listing your home with us exposes your property to every real estate agency in the region, many of whom are actively seeking homes matching their buyers' preferences.

How will we help sell your home?

We have our 40 years of experience in helping home buyers and sellers in Greenwood. Our process involves consultation, online and offline marketing for your home, scheduling and showing your home to prospective buyers, and assisting with sales closing. We'll also help you find your new home!


  • We will clearly explain the entire sales process.
  • We find comparable listings and sales history to show how much buyers are paying for a home like yours.
  • We explain the closing process in detail so you have a good idea of your estimated net proceeds.


  • We'll show you how to improve the marketability of your home.
  • We explain how our marketing plan is designed to keep you informed of all activities to sell your home.
  • We place your home's listing in the local multiple listing service database which all agencies use.
  • We place your home's listing on our website.
  • We notify prospects who are already searching for homes meeting your criteria.
  • We place our 'For Sale' signs on your property to attract potential buyers.

Showing Your Home

  • We will arrange for a tour of your home by our associates so they can also see its features and benefits.
  • We show your home's listing, photos, and virtual tour to prospective buyers.
  • We qualify prospective buyers prior to scheduling a showing of your home.
  • We'll schedule and tour your home with our prospective buyers.

Accepting Offers

  • We'll promptly present and advise you on all offers.
  • We can help obtain an advance equity loan if this option becomes desirable for you.
  • We work to ratify a mutually acceptable, completed offer-to-purchase and deliver your signed copy.

Completing the Sale

  • We keep you informed from contract ratification to closing.
  • We attend the closing to help explain all the details.

Connect with us for more information and to see if we're the right fit!


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